The inherent essence and quality of every item must always supersede its price tag. Great design needn’t be exorbitant in cost. The best design solutions often include affordable materials and artifacts, the unequivocal basis of all our work. We are interested in transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary within a clean and highly ordered context. Shepard Vineburg Design delights in creating a reasonably priced ‘tour de force’ for every client!

Shepard Vineburg honed his craft having worked at the behemoth of corporate architectural firms, Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. There he worked on interiors of office towers and banking facilities worldwide. He then worked for Erika Brunson Design Associates working on large custom residences around the globe. His innate ability is to merge space, furnishings and fine art with commanding harmony and presence. His credo is blending practicality and comfort with an inherent serene beauty while meeting his clients desires and needs. Shepard blends fabrics with wood and lacquer finishes, paint with stone and metals, concrete with ancient mosaic tiles to evoke a subliminal experience or ambiance. We always provide optimum lighting, often the most commonly overlooked design discipline. Always inspired by the past yet driven by the present, we have a deep appreciation and reverence of exquisite antiques, using them when appropriate. Yet we also enjoy working within purely modernist expressions of simplicity of line, shape, and form.  In a word, we passionately create style!